Jake Scott first garnered the attention of the music industry after releasing his  EP, “Of Life and Love and Longing,” in 2013. A decade later, Scott is still capturing the eyes of industry professionals and the hearts of fans from Arkansas to California.


Scott is known for performing live on “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America” and“The Kelly Clarkson Show,” in addition to serving up catchy pop singles and sold-out shows. Named as one of People Magazine’s” Emerging Artists in Spring 2022, Scott has been noted as humble and extremely talented by “American Songwriter” and is known to have lyrical sincerity per Consequence of Sound. He has more than 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify.


The Fayetteville native co-produced, mixed and co-wrote the RIAA Certified Platinum song “She Likes It,” sung by Russell Dickerson, which has more than 300 million worldwide streams. Scott’s work on this single received additional recognition when it was nominated for Collaborative Video of the Year at the CMT Awards in April 2023.


The singer and songwriter attributes much of his success in life to his upbringing in the Ozarks, which brought him the experience needed to create art.


“Having the ability to grow up in a city that isn’t that big in the grand scheme of things but big enough to where I had access to bigger city amenities was really great for me,” Scott said. “I think I was exposed to so much culture, and I was allowed to really pursue anything in sports culture, in the outdoors, from hunting, fishing and floating on the Buffalo. Fayetteville has such a great artistic culture that has been really celebrated.”


Scott grew up visiting the Fayetteville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and would watch the local painters paint and hear the music performed live. He grew up encouraged by art and involved in that aspect of his community.


“It definitely shaped a lot of who I am today, and it shaped who I was as a teenager,” Scott said I was so interested in the arts and in music at that time of my life, and it made for a really cool experience to live in Fayetteville.”Although he currently resides in Los Angeles, Scott said he is not opposed to enjoying what he considers the perfect day in northwest Arkansas, which consists of celebrating local businesses and enjoying the great outdoors above all else.


“The most important thing anyone could know about me is that I am an Arkansas boy through and through,” Scott said.“I love Fayetteville and the Razorbacks. I grew up calling the Hogs at football games every week, and I still do. I am so loyal to Arkansas and everything that makes it what it is.”


When Scott was about 6 years old, he first was introduced to music through the movie, “That Thing You Do!” and immediately wanted to be a drummer. He got a set of drums for Christmas that year, and his love of music became apparent to his entire family.


“I was decent enough at drumming, so my parents decided to get me some drum lessons,” Scott said “I really just did it for fun as a kid. It was never really more than a hobby.”


Although his early years were spent banging on a drum set, he did not start playing music with others until he was a preteen. At that time, Scott still considered his music a hobby.


“When I started playing at my church, I started figuring out how to play with other people, and that’s when I started figuring out how songs really work and what that process looks like,” he said. “I was fascinated by it.”


While playing in the church band, Scott enjoyed his role, but he said he still did not truly feel like music was what he would do full time. The hobby became a full-fledged passion for Scott when he was 16 and heard John Mayer for the first time.

Jake Scott

“I remember selling the drums at that time and buying a guitar because I wanted to be [John Mayer] more than anything in the world. I realized pretty quickly that I’m never going to be him because he’s insanely talented, but I still looked up to him,” Scott said. “I still played in church a lot though, and I still had fun with music as a hobby.”


It wasn’t until Scott found himself on a new adventure, stuck in his college dorm at the University of Arkansas, mere miles from his childhood home, that he felt courageous enough to start writing songs.


“A lightbulb turned on, and I remember thinking ‘OK, yeah, this is what I want to do forever,’ and from there, I wasn’t sure I could make it happen, but I knew that if I did, it would be the dream,” Scott said, adding that he feels fortunate to be able to make music full time.


The first song Scott ever wrote is titled “Truth Be Told” and is featured on his first EP. This song was created right where Scott spent a lot of his days in college — his dorm room.


“It was the first time I ever wrote a song, and I was so scared of  being bad at it, but I was so determined in wanting to be great at it. I knew that if it was bad, I would be so disappointed, but I wrote the song anyway and realized I didn’t hate it,” Scott said. “I knew then that I could probably keep doing that, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”


Since 2013, Scott’s sound has changed in a lot of ways, but at its core, all of his music is made in a similar way. As an acoustic-based singer-songwriter, his music relies mainly on a pop music influence, as shown through catchy melodies that resonate with listeners.


Billboard has described Scott’s voice as “buttery” and his songs as “easy listening supported by heartfelt narratives.” Over the last decade, Scott has only become more aware of the beauty of everyday life and how to capture these moments of nostalgia as lush melodies and strong guitar chords.


“Normally, the way songwriting starts for me is always with a melody, and that is the genesis of the song. The way that the melody feels to me emotionally influences how I’m going to approach the song lyrically,” Scott said. “It’s like a sophisticated game of hangman. I have this amount of time and that amount of syllables, and it’s all about making those things work together. I love it. Every time, it feels like magic.”


Scott looks up to many musicians that have been undeniably influential to pop and alternative music genres in the industry.


“I love Coldplay, and I think Chris Martin is one of the greatest songwriters ever,” he said. “I also love Taylor Swift shamelessly, and my favorite song by her of all time has to be ‘All Too Well.’”


Scott, like many others, said he was deeply impressed by Swift’s 10-minute short film that accompanied the popular song but finds the most joy in listening to the original, which is a classic Swiftie favorite.


“I also love a lot of people who play in the folksy genre. I listened to a lot of Mumford & Sons back in their prime, and I love a lot of old singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne and Neil Young,” Scott said. “These artists never get old to me.”


In an effort to make his younger self proud, Scott said he plans to be as authentic of an artist as he can possibly be.


“For the longest time, my biggest goal was to be the biggest artist of all time and to play in football stadiums. That would be unbelievable, and of course, I would love for that to be the case, but the longer I’ve been a musician, the more I’ve realized that my music has to feel authentic to me or it won’t resonate with others,” he said. “The world is so saturated with music and content in all forms, and I think because of that, people can tell when things don’t feel real.”


The process of creating genuine music causes fear at some moments, he added, but it has allowed him to make music that others love just as much as he does.


“Growing up, I was so scared to try to write songs because I was afraid of failing,” he said. “If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to start trying sooner. I would tell myself that, ‘Yeah, a lot of the songs you write will be garbage, but you should still be proud to work through the process.’


“Marathon runners don’t just wake up one day and run 26 miles. They have to train for it and build up to running a race of that length. They don’t start out winning, but they get better over time. It’s the same way in any creative process. The more you practice, the better it gets, so I think I would just tell myself to be brave and to go for it.”


Scott is no longer a 20-something fueled by the dreams of a college student, but now lives the dreams he once thought were impossible. His debut album, “Lavender,” will be released to the public on all streaming platforms in October, but until then, Scott plans on rolling out singles. Scott recently released “Burn,” which features John K. The release came in the wake of “Married Young,” which will be featured on his new album.


“The big inspiration behind this album is this feeling of nostalgia. It’s inspired by the way you feel when you’re first falling in love with someone or the heartbreak you feel in the midst of a breakup,” Scott said. “It’s about the seasons of life where there is nothing but intensity and the times you look back on fondly, even if they were sad, because they were the moments you felt most alive.”

Jake Scott‘s Perfect Day in Northwest Arkansas:

  • Start the day with breakfast at the Farmer’s Table Cafe
  • Grab some donuts and sausage rolls from Rick’s Bakery
  • Head to Beaver Lake — “There’s no place like it,” Scott said.
  • Enjoy an afternoon coffee at Onyx Coffee Lab
  • Swing by the University of Arkansas (and look for his name on the sidewalk)
  • End the day with dinner at either Tim’s Pizza or Atlas — “Tim’s Pizza is classic, but lately I’ve also been loving Atlas,” Scott said.


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