Invest in Your Future: Apply for a Survivor to Thriver Scholarship

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You know someone that needs this you just might not know it. These funds could be a life saver, definitely a life changer.

Domestic violence comes in many forms. It affects children, men and women.  In 2018, Women’s Own Worth awarded three individuals $1,000 scholarships. This year, our organization will be gifting six individuals $1,000 scholarships for higher education in college or vocational training.

We hope that this financial boost enables these individuals to take that leap towards a new career and bright future they deserve and desire. There are many reasons people do not take that next step and we don’t want finances to be one of those reasons.

Imagine finally being out of an abuse marriage or away from a stepfather that terrorized you most of your childhood. Many children and adults are impacted by violence. Here are a few excerpts from last year’s submissions:

“I would have never dreamed I would be pursuing my own dream of becoming a RN. When I left my abusive husband I left with no belief in myself,that I wasn’t worthy or smart enough. I think Women’s Own Worth should pick me because I want to be an example to other women that there is hope!”

This next applicant is a survivor of childhood domestic violence, growing up in a trauma based home, but refused to let that stop him from doing all he could to change the narrative of his future:

“The trials I have been through have made me the person I am today. My stepdad would hurt our mom by throwing her into walls and dragging her by her hair. He started doing crack. He would grab my little sister and dig in her hands and legs saying he was trying to get the bugs out. There were always fights.“

It is so unfortunate that these stories are a reality for so many. Being an advocate in our state I’ve heard and seen so many disheartening situations. We are making a difference and these people that are suffering are being lifted just knowing that they are cared about even loved. Communities have rallied in support of our work.

If you are a donor to our organization, please take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You helped change these people’s future. Thank you for your kindness!

Last year’s recipients included a Pulaski Tech student going into the field of therapy, a college student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and a nursing student looking forward to the bright futures that they deserve. These recipients said that these funds helped with books, lodging, transportation, childcare and other financial obligations needed to ensure they were able to succeed in achieving their dreams.

We would love for you to apply whether you are fresh out of a domestic violence marriage, suffered DV living in a violent home growing up with abusive parents or lost a loved one to a violent crime. You qualify and we care.

Applicants’ submissions will be voted on by our board members and notified by June 1 if selected.

Remember you are worthy and deserving of all good things. Dream BIG.

Women’s Own Worth was founded in 2012 to help survivors of domestic violence and violent crimes with mental health therapy.

We are a 501c3 public charity. W.O.W. has come a long way since it’s inception and has broadened its scope of care for Arkansans.

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