Shine Interior Design Studio in Lonoke is the result of a dynamic duo between two licensed interior designers, Natalie Biles and Stacey Breezeel. Biles brings almost two decades of residential design experience to the partnership, while Breezeel has worked since 2009 on a wide range of commercial projects, from higher education buildings to corporate offices and retail spaces. Since they officially formed Shine in 2019, their team has expanded to include two more interior designers, Ashley Fiant and Heather Kramer, plus executive assistant Randi Weigle.


Whether a project is residential or commercial, sustainability is one of Shine’s top priorities. That may be characterized by the use of materials that are renewable and promote a healthy living space, but it is also reflected in a drive to design things that serve a client’s future needs as much as their current ones, allowing a space to serve for decades, rather than just a handful of years. While certain aspects, such as paint colors and light fixtures, can be changed relatively easily, the floor plan itself must be able to function long-term and age in place.


“We’re very client-focused, and I believe that we’re empathetic designers who really listen to our clients,” Biles said. “We’re not there to impose a style or a set of things that need to be done. Our design background and education has exposed us to many different styles and design principles. We learn who our client is, we listen to what their needs are, and we use those design principles and things that we know to develop a design that responds to them.”


One such project was a residential home that earned Shine a national award. The client had medical issues, including life-threatening allergies, which required Shine’s team to do extensive research on what materials could be used to ensure the health and well-being of their client. For another project, designing the Grumpy Rabbit in Lonoke, Shine designed the space to not only serve the needs of the client, but those of the wider community, as well.


“The purpose of it was to provide a nice restaurant space for a community that was in dire need of something that wasn’t a chain, something that had home-cooked meals, and creative meals, at that,” Breezeel said. “[Since] they’ve been open, it’s encouraged other businesses in the community to revitalize their spaces.”


For both aspiring designers and those who are considering hiring a designer, Biles encouraged being open to change. Both client and designer might sometimes feel stuck with a particular space and think they have tried everything. In such cases, be willing to remove everything and look at the space completely blank, and then put things back in a different way.



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Established in 2019, Lonoke-based Shine Interior Design Studio creates beautiful, functional, and empowering spaces in homes and businesses that reflect each client’s unique personality and style. With over 60 years of combined experience, Shine’s award-winning design team are well-versed in designing luxury homes and state-of-the-art corporate spaces. Co-owners Stacey Breezeel and Natalie Biles formed their business with the goal of providing balanced and thoughtful spaces to meet each of their client’s needs, whether it be for residential or commercial design services. Shine specializes in new construction, remodeling and full-service interior design for homes, and the company offers stunning design transformations for restaurants, hospitality and rentals, adaptive reuse and community spaces, coffee shops, specialty services and retail, corporate interiors, and fitness facilities. From building to remodeling, the immensely talented design team at Shine is ready to meet each goal with hands-on efforts and achieve the space each client requires.