With dining rooms closed over the past few months, several local restaurants have used the time as an opportunity to make updates to their spaces. Here is a working list of some of the changes to know about.


Ciao Baci


One of the most beloved spots in town is Ciao Baci’s porch, and now, thanks to the efforts of owner Blair Wallace’s family, the front portion is brand new. “It’s a family affair up there,” says Wallace. 


Crazee’s Café


We all love Crazee’s for its “rustic” nature but expect to see big changes whenever they reopen for dine-in service. The dining room flooring has been completely replaced and the bathrooms are in the process of getting redone. I have seen it with my own eyes and can say without a doubt that folks will be pleased with the updates. 


South on Main

South on Main is currently closed, with an estimated reopening on the week of June 9th. In the meantime, owner Don Dugan reeled off quite a few improvements that he’s making to the SoMa restaurant. Some of these improvements include: cleaned and varnished the hardwood floors, cleaned ceiling, repainted the front of house, scrubbed and repainted areas of the kitchen, scrubbed and repainted the back hallway of the business, pressure washed the back patio, fixed the fence, fixed and repainted the front windows and painted the front door, sanded and applied polyurethane to the ramp coming in the front door and the concrete area at the bar, pressure washed and recovered some of the chairs. “We are reconfiguring the kitchen to match the menu we are going to do,” he says. “We have fixed a lot of odds and ends that needed attention also. We have updated our Aloha system so we can do contactless payments.”


Maddie’s Place


No update quite yet on when Maddie’s Place will reopen, but when they do, expect to see a refreshed look. The walls have been painted and some reorganization has taken place. 


The Faded Rose

The Faded Rose is closed until June 15th (estimated date). No worries, the 3-week closure is for some back-of-the-house improvements. Included in this is a kitchen revamp that will feature a new walk-in cooler and flooring. Most, if not all the dining room, will remain unchanged.


Doe’s Eat Place


The new and improved Doe’s is another place I have already gotten to see for myself. You are going to love the refreshed looked. It includes new paint in the dining areas, power washed floors, landscaping around the outdoor patio, a new roof, and a new window in the side dining room. The improvements are noticeable but do nothing to take away from the iconic restaurant’s charm. Doe’s is now open under Phase I guidelines, while also having takeout and curbside available.


Flyway Brewing 

(Pictured above)


Make sure to check out the new mural on the outside of Flyway Brewing (facing Maple and Broadway). On the other side of the building is Flyway’s “Tent City,” a dine-out area currently consuming the parking lot that has become wildly popular, while maintaining social distance for customers and staff.


Diamond Bear Brewing Company

Diamond Bear also has a new mural of its own, a beautiful bear’s face that will greet you near the front door. The brewery is preparing to open soon for dine-in. To-go beer is currently available.


Town Pump


Do not expect to see a tremendous amount of change at Town Pump, with one exception: a new stage. Built and installed by employees, I am guessing this stage will do wonders when Karaoke Night returns.


Red Door and Loca Luna

I reached out to Mark Abernathy, owner of Loca Luna and Red Door. He had this to say about updates and the future of both restaurants: “We are using this time to do major renovations to our kitchen at Loca Luna. This is work I have wanted to do for years but would have required a minimum 10-day shutdown. That would have put people out of work and result in a big loss in revenue. Loca Luna’s main building is over 80 years old, and she was in need of a makeover. We have added a new floor drainage system in the kitchen and behind the bar. This will help us create a cleaner and more sanitary environment. In addition, we have updated new electrical, painting, lighting and AC work. 


“In addition, we are doing work in the Red Door kitchen and updating and sprucing up our décor at both stores. Next, we are going to work on the outside of both restaurants. This includes resurfacing parking lots, landscaping and updating lighting and security systems. 


“We hope to re-open our to-go business soon and we are investigating the wisdom of offering delivery. With community spread of COVID-19 steadily increasing in Pulaski County, I do not think it is wise to offer dine-in at this time. Too many people are not playing by the rules. At this time, the health and well-being of our employees and customers is more important than making a little more money. We are in excellent condition and we’ll be back soon, stronger than ever.”


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