All we need now is a little sunshine and some warmth, right?
Until then, your drink go-to is probably a hot coffee or tea.  Downtown Little Rock is home to a cool coffee place (actually two locations now) called Nexus Coffee.

Amy Moorehead is the cute gal with the headband and big smile who will greet you.  As the owner, she’s #teamcoffee and #teamtea, and she can show you the different options that are available. Abigail is the manager, and she’s the one who does the fancy steamed milk designs.
I chose the London Fog tea today, which has to steep for four minutes before it is ready, and Abigail added something called oat milk. It was perfection!

Abigail even bonused me a matcha green tea (part grass smell/part warm beverage) where she literally used a whisk to mash it all up so I could drink it. Those are supposed to be magical for your immune system.
What are you drinking on this very cold day? Because it’s almost 5 o’clock.
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Top image is courtesy of Nexus Coffee. Remaining photos by Lisa Fischer.