If you live in Arkansas and your name is Joy, or you know someone by that name (or something close to it), then Hostess wants your attention!


The snack company that everyone loves is spreading moments of carefree joy in everyday life with its soft, fluffy donuts and cakes. These delightful treats turn snack time into extraordinary experiences, filling days with laughter, smiles and memorable moments. This June, Hostess encourages Arkansans to find time to embrace brighter, more glee-filled moments daily.


Celebrating Joy in The Natural State:

Hostess is inviting Arkansas residents to create lasting memories by celebrating special people named “Joy.” Whether it’s a friend, family member or even oneself, Hostess wants to bring extra joy to Arkansans this summer.


How to Enter:

From now until 11:59 p.m. on July 2, individuals can nominate someone with “Joy” as part of their first, middle or last name (Joy, Joyce, Joyella, etc.). These individuals will have a chance to receive a joy-filled package of summer fun essentials, including Hostess snacks designed to spark moments of pure, carefree happiness. And yes, self-nominations are welcome if eligibility requirements are met!


A Special Surprise for Arkansas:

Hostess will select 100 winners to receive a Hostess Joy Drops package. If the nominated person resides in Arkansas, they might receive their package via a special drone delivery. How cool! Imagine the thrill of receiving a summer fun package from the sky, filled with Hostess treats to brighten anyone’s day.


For more details and to nominate someone, visit the Hostess website today. To read the official rules, click here.


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