Pam Stephens had lived a fairly normal life. She was raised in a military family, grew up in North Little Rock, went to the University of Central Arkansas, and launched her career in real estate in Conway.


But this past June, Stephens started having headaches. After a trip to the doctor, her whole life was turned upside down.


“At first I thought it was just the weather, but after a while, I knew something was wrong. I went to the ER, had a CAT scan performed, and was diagnosed with glioblastoma,” Stephens says.


On June 30, Stephens underwent a 5-hour surgery to remove the brain tumor and was put in ICU, where she had to give up her bed the next morning to another patient, as the pandemic had filled the unit to max capacity. Stephens was just thankful to be alive.



“With this type of brain cancer, you’re given 12 months to live,” she says. “I met with a couple of ladies in Maumelle who had survived the same diagnosis for 12 to 13 years after.”


As Stephens began treatment, she decided to use her talents to help others fight through their cancer battle.


Stephens founded Real Estate for a Cure. A portion of the money made from every home bought and sold through her, as well as every realtor that joins Real Estate for a Cure, goes towards families battling cancer, as well as CARTI’s efforts to find a cure for cancer. Stephens understands that in the fight against cancer, those battling need all of the help that they can get.


“My treatment is 30 days, five days a week, and people in small towns have to travel and can’t work. I haven’t met one person who has had what I was diagnosed with, who was able to continue their normal course of work,” Stephens says. 


Despite only recently being founded, Real Estate for a Cure has already seen great success.


“Just from commissions in September, we’ve raised between $15,000 and $20,000 to help people pay the travel expenses to go to treatment,” she says. 


Stephens views her diagnosis as an opportunity to help others.


“I feel like this is my life’s purpose now — to help other cancer patients,” she says. “I’m doing this because I’ve been there and done that now, and need to devote every emotion and thought and energy to getting well and not having to worry about finances. The bigger I can grow this the more that I can do. People don’t realize how hard this is until they get through.”


Stephens is in the process of creating a website and is eager to accept other realtors into her cause. 


If you’re interested in helping Real Estate for a Cure in the fight against cancer, check out their Facebook page here


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