Allan Baltz loves lots of things: basketball, dancing, beans, ham and cornbread, embarrassing his sister, watching TV with his mom Lesli, and the Red Wolves.


But one thing 12-year-old Allan is deeply invested in right now is growing out his mullet for charity.


The sixth-grader from Jonesboro was adopted out of foster care as a young child and is one of the top 25 finalists in the USA Mullet Championship. And Allan has pledged that if he wins the $2,500, he’s going to donate the money to organizations that are devoted to helping Arkansas foster children find homes.


“Mom told me that a lot of people said ‘please let your son do this’ and I was like ‘no,’ but when I found out there was money that I could win, I decided to give that money to foster care,” he explains. “I used to be in foster care, and I know how their hearts feel about not having a family, not having what they need like food and someone they can love.”


Allan says that growing his luscious mane isn’t as easy as it sounds.


“When I jump on the trampoline or do a backflip, it gets in my face, and when I brush my hair it hurts and gets tangled.”


Mom Lesli Baltz explains that Allan has made conditioner a huge part of his hairstyling routine.


“A lot of people are asking what place I’m in, they’re telling me that they’re voting for me,” Allan says. “They say my hair is soft.”


Lesli explains that this hair-growing adventure started during quarantine, and when Allan went back to school, kids would come up to her and tell her that Allan’s hair was gorgeous.


After some serious thought, Allan has decided to name his mullet Fluffy. When asked about what he plans on doing with his fabulous ‘do after the competition, Allan keeps it simple.


“I’m just gonna keep it, because I love my fluffy hair.”


Allan says that if he competes next time, he wants to try to donate any money he might win to the homeless. He also shares that he’s thinking about dying his mullet red, white, and blue. It has already been dyed blue and orange in the past.


Is Allan worried about the competition? Well, Allan says it best.


“I’m not paying attention to their hair, I’m just paying attention to mine.”


Voting ends tonight at 10:59 PM CST, so be sure to vote for AY’s Hometown Hero, Allan Baltz here!