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The remodeled home of Cheryl and Dr. Wendell Pahls is a more pristine and polished version of itself.

Photography by Janet Warlick


The 20-plus-year-old home is still the family sanctuary; however, it’s now a comfortably creative space for these “Game of Thrones”-loving grandparents who have an affinity for magic, realism paintings and Italian-inspired art.

Marsha Byers, interior designer and owner of Hillcrest Interiors, initially designed the home. For the remodel, she incorporated existing pieces and the Pahls’ beloved artwork and found new things to bring their vision to life.

“We were looking for a simpler, more relaxed home,” Wendell Pahls said. “We didn’t exactly know what we wanted to do, but we knew what we liked when Marsha showed us things to consider.”

Byers helped transform the home, which was remodeled by original builder Wayne Moore, from something out of the early 1990s with jewel tones to a simpler, functional space with soothing colors. Pops of red throughout the house, inspired by Cheryl’s childhood stool, which Wendell refinished, bring energy to the home.


 Their Happy Place

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“Happy” is the fitting word to describe the kitchen, Wendell said. It took some convincing by Byers to get him to agree to move the stove from the island to the wall and make the island a grander space with storage options. “She was right,” he said. “This is my favorite room in the house.”

The typical black and gray hues of granite exist in their countertops but more colors in energetic patterns also meet the eye, enticing a pleasant emotion.
Cheryl’s favorite feature in the room is the mosaic tile over the stove. “It looks like something out of ancient Pompeii and reminds us of Italy. We love it,” she said.


A Uniting Force

Connecting the formal and informal living spaces is this bar, also conveniently located to the patio fit for outdoor entertaining. The Pahls like to joke that even with all of the beautiful new features in their home, everyone immediately is drawn to the unique backsplash tiles of the bar. It’s a choice they weren’t too keen on initially; however, they couldn’t be more pleased now that all is said and done. The iridescent look of the tiles is a nice complement to the energetic granite countertops in the kitchen.


Reflection of Love

This room is a perfect example of why the Pahls decided not to move or downsize, but rather to work with their existing space, Byers said.

“This is a fabulous home that just needed to be brought into the 21st century,” she said. “Everything in this room was changed except the curtains and a few other things, but now it’s an even more restful and softer, but elegant, space.”

It is a welcoming spot to gather as a family around the fireplace, among books and special pieces of art like these Jane Hankins’ figurines specially commissioned for Cheryl.



A Passionate Tone

Throughout the home is artwork by one of the Pahls’ favorite artists, Michael Parkes. Over the couch in this more formal living room is a pair of paintings that evoke the romantic, ethereal feelings of Parkes’ works that the Pahls admire. These types of paintings — magical, yet real — first caught Wendell’s eyes when he spent time in Rome after college.


Tranquil & Beautiful

The home’s peaceful powder room is just off the main hallway and like the rest of the home is elegantly functional. The gold accents and artwork complement the Pahls’ admiration for Italian-inspired art.


Fit for a Spa

During the planning phases, Cheryl’s main request was to design a bathroom reminiscent of an old bathhouse. Mission accomplished. The spacious room has enclosed his and her closets, a soaking tub and a spa-worthy shower that could be showcased in the pages of a publication featuring high-end spa amenities. The crystal sconces in the mirrors — Byers’ idea — add a functional element that complements the “airy” feel of the space.



Resting Nook

The Pahls’ spacious sleeping space features a number of comforts. A flatscreen TV was mounted and hidden above their bed so modern comfort doesn’t upset the room’s calming aura. The TV curves down for easy viewing from a reclined position in bed. The bed and dark wood pieces further deepen the room’s inviting appeal.


An Inviting Retreat

The windows are flanked with this room’s original curtains, balancing the master suite with color and texture. Painted a calming blue, this bedroom features richly textured furniture and pillows in solid and slightly patterned fabrics.


Blend of Old and New

The green medallion surrounding the antique chandelier’s ceiling mount complements the formal dining area’s emerald green walls. When Tim Morris of Classique Impressions installed the medallion, Wendell said he wasn’t pleased with its look.

“Tim said he would fix it. I was skeptical, but he just sprayed gold paint on a paper towel, patted it down, and it was transformed into exactly what I wanted.”

Byers noted the round glass table is a good choice for a smaller, square room like this one.

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