Home Makeover: Transforming the Baker House


Home makeovers are exciting.  They take thirty minutes of your viewing pleasure on television but IRL (in real life, as the kids say), it takes much longer.

Unless you have Larry West, Jr. of L West Jr Designs involved. He is the brains and sometimes the brawn behind a home makeover for AY Publisher Heather Baker, and he’s combining efficiency with frugality.

West first began the project on a Tuesday in August.  Then his creative juices almost blew up. He is partnering with AY Magazine and Baker for a YouTube show he is launching. From design to installation to picking out the most minute details, it’s all in the work West does for all of his clients.

home makeover

Larry West Jr. is masterminding the transformation of Heather Baker’s home.

This particular project began in the great room of the Baker home in a Roland subdivision. Then it found its way into the master bedroom.  Baker didn’t know what she wanted; she just knew she needed an update, and she and her husband Joel didn’t want to break the bank.“Sometimes a new or existing client needs a new look but only has a budget that will allow us to take what furnishings they currently have and rearrange it differently and then add in some new pieces to give a fantastic change for a low cost. These types of requests are easy for us to create and to be honest, the love of the challenge makes for one of my favorite types of projects,” West said recently. West is also known for his space planning which he is utilizing in his new partnership with PC Hardware.

To update the project, West is gathering items from Obsessions Interiors, Phoenix Interiors and Hadidi Rugs, which won’t be shown to Baker until the reveal.

Then, there is flooring and original art on the docket. The flooring is being provided by Akel’s Carpet One and the art by local artist Aric Phippin of Phinality Design. Phippin is designing a piece for over the fireplace where he is adding decorative trim, iron extensions and leafing metallics. He said he is working with the architecture that is already there and the frame of the mantel to create a new feature.  He said, “It’s a popular way to save money by redesigning something you already have.” He added, “Our plan isn’t to tear everything out and do something new. I am currently redoing a dining room table for a client who wants to use the one he had in his childhood home as an adult.” Phippin works with both new construction and remodels.

home makeover

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