Just in case you missed it, last week we posted a brand new makeup segment featuring local hair and makeup artist Kakki Jones. I learned all about foundation, contouring and baking! 


Kakki is the one person I can’t live without in my life because she is always showing me ways to make my face and skin look better with the right techniques and products.


If you want to learn anything and everything about makeup, then Kakki is your girl. 


I personally never knew that you shouldn’t pick up your brush when you are contouring because it takes all the pigment off your face. 


Be on the lookout for our future “Beauty by Kakki with Heather Baker” episodes on here! Kakki will be sharing her best tips and tricks when it comes to makeup. We have filmed several videos so far that I am excited for you all to see. It is always a fun time when I’m with her! 


No matter what your day was like before coming to Kakki, she will be sure to make you look and feel more beautiful. I personally feel more confident after I leave from there. 


You can book appointments for special occasions as well as one-on-one and group makeup sessions. I highly recommend Kakki and suggest making an appointment with her.  


Call Kakki at 501-940-6079 to get your personal time and share your makeup story with us! 


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