Just Peachy has brought the wow factor to the next level. Over-the-top, surprising, magnificent – I can go on and on about how spectacular Just Peachy made Savvy’s party. 

The owner of Just Peachy, Christen Byrd, was amazing through every step of the process. We originally planned to have Savvy’s party outside, but winter decided to make an appearance so we changed plans, and Christen did a wonderful job at adjusting the decoration plans we had for outside my house. Christen transformed my house into a colorful oasis that just screamed fun and memories for years to come.

Christen is an expert at event planning and her mission is to bring joy. Prior to the pandemic, she was decorating at large events for huge crowds to marvel at her work, and over the past year she has kept the mentality of all-joy all the time. When all of her events were cancelled in March 2020, Christen brainstormed other ways to keep her business going. What can we offer that people can do? Because there’s so many things you can’t do right now.,” says Christen. “And so, I started delivering helium bundles – big, over-the-top, obnoxious helium balloons that you can’t get anywhere else.” Christen would deliver these balloon bundles to people’s front doors to bring a bit of fun back to people’s lives during such a strange and stressful time. “I could go to people’s houses, these balloons and ice cream on the front porch as a gift from someone,” says Christen. “It was nice to see people happy.” One thing led to another, and Christen’s business was back on track. People started having small celebrations again and Christen was back to decorating and putting smiles on faces.

“We’re in Little Rock and we go all over Central Arkansas for different parties: engagement, birthday, baby announcements, and so many more,” says Christen. “We can travel to other parts of the state as well for a travel fee, but we really can go anywhere and do anything.”

And let me tell you, she really can do anything. We had a beautiful balloon garland on my staircase railing, a show-stopping balloon backdrop for pictures and a gorgeous arch outside the front door. The balloons are so vibrant, and my personal favorite from the party were gold stars that look so unique. I told Christen when the balloons were being set-up that I may just have to take the gold star balloons to decorate my office at AY!

Christen let us choose our color scheme, the magnitude of what we were looking for, and made sure that Savvy would have the best time at her party. Savvy isn’t a fan of pink, that’s just not her color scheme, so Christen had other color combinations ready for us to choose from. “I sent a photo of something we had done with a specific color combo, and [Heather and Savvy] loved it,” says Christen. We added a few more colors and really got to make it our own! 

Christen and her employees showed up with most of the prep already done, so installation only took a few hours. They were trustworthy and professional so I felt comfortable leaving them alone at my house while I was gone – absolutely something you need to look for when choosing a business to work with.

Most importantly, Savvy and her friends absolutely loved the decorations. They were SnapChatting and posing in front of the party wall – which by the way had a neon light “Let’s Party” sign. How cool is that? “I loved the balloons!” says Savvy. “Me and my friends had so much fun with the backdrop, and the colors looked so good in our pictures!” The gorgeous streamer backdrop was handmade by Just Peachy, and they offer many other cool accessories in their shop!

“I don’t think of my business as being limited to only balloons – we offer so much more,” says Christen. On the Just Peachy website, you will find her many different balloon options with something for everyone – theme and price – and you will also find party packages to explore. “We’ve also expanded the front of our studio into a party supply shop,” says Christen. “We offer high-end party products that you can’t find anywhere else in town. We have customers come in to place a balloon order, and then they stop in our shop because we have the exact theme they’re using for the party.” Their products are quality and exactly what you need to wow your guests. They offer the hand-made streamers that Savvy and her friends loved, backdrop rentals and more to come in the future!

“Our shop is a happy place,” says Christen. “There’s smiles and colors, and I really think it’s the happiest place on earth. Just come in and wander around and enjoy it.”

There were definitely smiles in my house. Just Peachy helped us make amazing memories for Savvy and her friends! The balloons are still up, even the ones outside! Rain, sleet or snow, emphasis on the snow, Just Peachy balloons withstands it all to keep the party going for days and weeks. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or even a baby announcement, use Just Peachy to go above and beyond. It’s always okay to be extra!

Images courtesy of Heather Baker and Christen Byrd

Letters in baby shower pictures provided by AlphaLit Little Rock @alphalitlr.