Having an all white house that’s stucco is a double-whammy when it comes to keeping the exterior clean. Especially now when just walking to your car can make your face green with pollen dust. I’ve spent years trying to find a business that will clean every square inch of the outside of my home without damaging my soft stucco, and I’ve often been disappointed. Winston Power Washing changed everything, however.


Jackson Winston, owner of Winston Power Washing, came out the other day with his team and worked absolute magic on my home. I let them do their thing while I was at work with complete confidence that they were professionals who could be trusted alone. I came home and had to do a triple-take because that spotless beauty couldn’t be my house!

Jackson started his business at a young age and the Winston family stepped up to handle books, help wash and turned Jackson’s startup into a family business. “One of our biggest things starting out was we were having trouble trying to get customers because they were worried about the chemicals killing their plants. When we first get to a house, the spot we’re spraying first, I’ve got a guy that comes behind me and rinses all the plants clean with water. Then we come back with the chemical and we spray from top to bottom and then we’ll rinse the plants off again and then we pretty much just move around to the next area. It’s the same way when we do driveways. We pretreat the driveway, let it sit for about ten to fifteen minutes, and come back to clean off all the algae and mold,” says Jackson. He understands the worries that customers may have, and he has a plan that is sure to protect your property.


If you’re not familiar with the stucco texture, it’s soft and can easily be damaged. Too much pressure and the material falls away leaving cracks and holes. Jackson and his team did a fantastic job at using the right equipment, pressure and method for keeping my stucco intact.

Gutters: Before and After

“I tell customers that yes, the company name is Winston Power Washing, but it’s pretty much the only thing that we pressure wash is brick and concrete and any type of durable surfaces. For everything else, like windows, vinyl and stucco, it’s all a soft wash set up. I’ve got a soap injector that I hook up to whichever machine that we’re using that allows the pressure to dial down a notch or two and stand back ten feet away from the commercial building or home and let the chemical do all the work. If you do any type of pressure, you can scar the vinyl and there can be a lot of pieces of stucco taken off. It’s a very careful process to ensure that a home or building remains unblemished,” says Jackson. 


Three stories high with pitches and corners, there are plenty of ways dirt, nest and grime find a place to hide. Winston Power Washing could reach the highest parts of my house along with cleaning the gutters. I have never been able to find anyone whose washer could reach the top of my house, but Winston Power Washing has quality, commercial-grade equipment with high PSI levels.

Heather’s house: Before and After

“When we get to a job, a lot of customers will ask us if we’ll be able to reach the top portions of their house or business.  We have ladders, but the only time we use them is if we’re actually washing the shingles on the roof, which is used on a 12-volt machine that I’ve got a water spigot sprays out. Our PSI machines are commercial grade that are made for heavy duty jobs. We also have different tips for different needs like wide and narrow fans depending on distance and the material we’re working with, or there’s what I call the shooter tip. It’s  more of a rinse than actual pressure, but it shoots up high for taller structures. For dirt-dobber nests or anything small and in a hard to reach place that we can’t get, I have a tip that goes just as high as the shooter tip, but it has way more pressure and it’s more accurate,” says Jackson.


Each corner, window and side looks brand new. This cleaning really made a world of difference. Jackson and his team are skilled in what they do. “I’ve been doing this for seven years and then some. My company is insured from top to bottom and each person on my team is professional and well-trained. Give us a call at 870-917-8799!”

House wall: Before and After

My home looks like something out of a magazine and I dread the possibility of more dirt attempting to tarnish it once again. However, I’ll rest easy knowing that Jackson and Winston Power Washing is just a call away from giving me the home of my dreams.