A new year means a new calendar! The Simply Yours Day Planner by Planned and Proper is the perfect gift for people on the go so they can keep track of everything in their lives! These planners are the perfect size to carry around, and are available in multiple cute styles to match your look. Buy your own on the Planned and Proper website.

Simply Yours Day Planner

My Doshi Clutch is a sleek, stylish purse that is still big enough for me to carry all of my essentials! It’s so stylish. All Doshi products are completely vegan, so no leather or other animal products are used. The bag is the perfect gift for anyone that needs a cute, fashionable purse that also wants to give back to the environment. Doshi even donates the first 5 percent of their revenue to charities benefiting animals, people and the environment. Check out the Doshi Clutch, and their other products, on their website.

Doshi Clutch

This bracelet and the pair of earrings I received from Beksan Designs are beautiful pieces to add to my jewelry collection. Based in San Francisco, Beksan Designs is run by two sisters who started the business to reflect their Turkish-American heritage. Each piece is handmade and is “laden with stories of rich history, female empowerment, and symbolism,” according to their website. Their jewelry is perfect for anyone who wants beautiful, high-quality pieces with a meaningful story behind them. Order eco-friendly jewelry from Beksan’s website.

Beksan Designs bracelet and earrings

Vital You’s Goddess line is the perfect gift for people who need a dose of self-care. Their face mask is made with rose, ylang-yang, almond and CBD oil to give it an extra calming effect. I also loved their whipped body butter, which is also CBD-infused—it left my skin feeling so smooth! Their packaging also says “you are divine and worthy,” which is such an important message. These products are calming, hydrating and so good for your skin. Vital You’s website has the Goddess line and more.


Vital You’s Goddess line

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