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If you haven’t checked out AY About You’s August 2021 magazine issue yet, what are you waiting for? This issue is full of our favorite four-legged friends: dogs! Not to be biased, but the cutest dog can be found on the front cover (psst, it’s my best friend, Charlie Brown Baker). The magazine has story after story about taking care of dogs, the positive impacts dogs can have on your life and adorable photos. One story that stood out to me and immediately tugged at my heart was the story of Gary Robbins in Clinton, the angel behind Gary’s Adoptable Dogs. 


If you don’t know, our state has a lot of stray dogs — too many, as a matter of fact. Shelters fill up quickly with dogs that have been stranded, abused, lost and countless more heartbreaking reasons. Dogs really are the most loyal and loving companions when given the chance, but there are some cruel people out there. That’s where Gary comes in to save the day.


Gary is a U.S. Navy veteran living on some land in Van Buren county, and he is dedicated to spending the rest of his life taking the dogs that don’t know love and showing them that life can be better. He takes in the worn and battered, the young and old, and he finds them homes to live out the rest of their days. Whether those homes are in Arkansas or in the Northeast region of the country, Gary goes the distance to ensure that his dogs will have the lives they deserve.



Using his own military pension and donations from people also wanting every dog to know love, Gary provides everything the dogs need until they find their forever homes. This includes building kennels to house all the dogs that come his way, buying hundreds of pounds of dog food, veterinary bills and any other basic upkeep and care. 


On average, Gary takes in around 250 dogs a year. A good number of those dogs find homes, but for the dogs that have a tougher time being adopted, Gary keeps them as his own. So, at the end of the day, every dog that ends up in Gary’s care finds a home.


Gary has been taking care of dogs for the past 40 years, and it’s a lot for one man to tackle. I cannot imagine the emotions that he has felt throughout the years seeing the pain in these dogs’ eyes or the way they might flinch from memories of their past lives. This is no easy feat, but Gary does not plan on giving up on these dogs. If anyone can truthfully say that they have found their purpose in life, it’s Gary Robbins.




If you’re eager to learn more about Gary and his dogs, visit his website or Facebook. To make a donation of money or supplies, call (501) 745-7346 or email


Other ways to help:

  • Vet information for donations:

Pallone Veterinary Hospital

6039 Hwy 36 W

Rose Bud, AR 72137

(501) 556-5355

  • Donations for Gary Robbins’ vet tab may be mailed or called in.


  • Gary Pack Lumber

(501) 745-4011

  • Supplies for pens and kennels are provided by this shop and will be delivered to Gary’s home.





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