As the popular phrase goes, ‘it ain’t no thing but a chicken wing!’ That’s exactly what AY Publisher Heather Baker and KARK host DJ Williams are trying out during this month’s Bucket List series.


This pair of intrepid culinary adventurers will be feasting on some of the best wings in Arkansas. Their first stop is to local hotspot Sauce(d), which has quietly built a reputation for its wings, as well as other notable delicacies.

“This is actually where I come for a Happy Hour or a 4 o’clock sales meeting,” Baker says. “This is where you think of pimento cheese, or charcuterie board and pasta.”


However, Baker and Williams are going to be trying out Sauce(d)’s scrumptious wings this time. Or as Williams says, ““a little bit of those wings.”

Kevin Case

Before chowing down on the wings, they got a peek behind-the-scenes in the kitchen and how the wings are made. Sauce(d) owner Kevin Case showed the kitchen and some of the wings that the restaurant makes.


“We’ve got a great team out here, and we cook some of the best wings that you wouldn’t believe,” Case says.


Some of the wing flavors Sauce(d) offers include garlic Parmesan, moonshine barbeque, traditional buffalo, and their regular sauce.


Biting into a wing, Baker immediately gives Sauce(d) a thumbs-up for taste. “That’s good stuff,” she says.

Cheese Dip

Williams goes even a step further, saying the wings at Sauce(d) are an all-time best. “That’s one of the best wings I’ve ever had,” he says.


If he had to choose, Williams says that the garlic Parmesan wings were his favorite. “I ever put blue cheese on that bad boy,” he says.

Heather Baker

Next week, follow Baker and Williams as they try out more great wings around Arkansas. They will be heading to Great American Wings – so don’t miss it!


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