It’s almost time for a new AY issue!
This Friday, you can pick up the February issue of AY Magazine at a newsstand near you. In February, we look at the great places to live in Arkansas. We’re profiling the best spots to live in throughout Central Arkansas, and we hope our guide can help you.
AY Publisher Heather Baker dropped by The Vine this morning to chat about the new issue and highlight the awesome profile on Tobi Fairley’s house! Fairley’s house is beautiful with unexpected pops of color and unique finishings. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a designer.
“She is an incredible designer who’s been in magazines that are national. You kind of expect her home to be on the cover of a magazine…it’s incredible,” Baker says.
Fairley lived in the house with her family for over a year before making the move to renovate it. “She took it down to the studs and redesigned it,” Baker says.
Once she took that step, there was one name she called – Richard Harp. With his expertise, Harp was able to renovate the house to Fairley’s exacting specifications. “Richard is really great on budgets,” Baker says. “The cool thing is her expectations were over-the-top, and Richard never said ‘no’ and he made it happen.”
Pick up a copy of AY Magazine this Friday to see what all the fuss is! Make sure to watch The Vine on Wednesday to hear Heather talk about the great things going on at AY.
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