It’s a new month, and that means it’s a new AY’s Arkansas Bucket List: Ice Cream, Cakes & Shakes. Heather Baker and Hilary Hunt took their appetites and sweet tooths over to Big Orange in west Little Rock this week for the first stop on the July bucket list tour.



“Heather, this one’s extra sweet,” Hunt says to Baker as the pair open the KARK segment.


“It’s all ice cream, cakes and shakes, and when you think of sweet and amazing shakes, you think of Big Orange,” Baker responds.


The duo does the one thing mama always said not to do: eat dessert first. Baker gets the ball rolling with the Strawberry Cake Shake, and then makes it a double with the I Dream in Cookies and Cream milkshake.


“Everybody likes Oreos, everybody likes cookies and cream,” Baker says.




Hunt is just as eager to get a few slurps of her own in, starting with a “caramalicious” classic.


“Y’all, if you’re feeling indulgent, you know what you’re going to want to get? The Dulce De Leche shake,” Hunt says. “It’s my dad’s personal favorite when he comes into town. You can’t beat it.”



But it wouldn’t be a bucket list stop with Baker and Hunt without a few surprises. After sipping a few shakes for the whole family, it’s time to mix things up with an adults-only glass.


“Did you know that they have adult beverages shakes here, Hilary?” Baker says, showing off her Shot in the Dark shake, which is made with Rock Town Bourbon, Devils River Coffee Bourbon, chocolate liqueur, Godiva Dark Chocolate, and vanilla bean ice cream.



“Oh yeah, that’s a boozy shake,” Hunt says.


And we did say dessert first for this culinary escapade, so the girls also had plenty of food from which to choose after their milkshakes. Like the Hot ‘n’ Hot Chicken Sandwich, Umami Bomb Burger, The Reaper Burger, and even a Smashed Avocado Veggie Burger — you know, to keep things healthy.



What’s even sweeter: Big Orange is officially 10 years old. They will be celebrating all month long with a new menu item — the Birthday Cake Shake.


“I can’t think of a better way to start off Ice Cream, Cakes & Shakes than Big Orange,” Baker says. “You have to come here and check out all of their specials. And we will see you next week.”


For a chance to win a Big Orange gift card, click here.



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