AY About You publisher Heather Baker and her daughter Savvy recently took a road trip to Branson and want to share some of their adventures. From stepping back in time at Titanic Museum Attraction, to taking a virtual flight across the United States with FlyRide at Beyond the Lens, and glowing pumpkins at Silver Dollar City, it was an exciting weekend!

Titanic Museum Attraction

The Titanic Museum Attraction is always on the Bakers’ list of things to do in Branson.


“I love that they change things out, always have something new — new artifacts, a new exhibit,” Heather says. “This time I was especially touched by the poignant stories of water rescues, related to us by First Class Maid Jamie. And seeing the life jacket … I was near tears.”


You receive a passport when you board Titanic, with the name and bio of a passenger on Titanic. Heather remarked, “The lifeboats could hold 65 people, but the boat my passenger was in just had 24.” Sadly, all the lifeboats were not filled to capacity.

Lifejacket from Titanic Museum Attraction

In the Interactive Gallery you can sit in a life-sized lifeboat and read about who was in that particular boat.

Interactive Gallery at Titanic Museum Attraction

Titanic Museum Attraction has 20 unique galleries, recreations of a first class cabin, a third class cabin, and more than 400 artifacts. It’s a remarkable experience.

Deck chair from the Titanic at Titanic Museum Attraction

Beyond the Lens

“The new Beyond the Lens attraction was so much fun,” Heather and Savvy agreed. Beyond the Lens is full of intriguing exhibits, interactive games … and amazing photo ops.


Heather quipped, “Be sure to dress cute and be ready to take some crazy fun pictures. This is fun for all ages; there’s something here for everyone.”


She and Savvy loved FlyRide so much they did it twice! FlyRide gives you a real feeling of flight as you soar over 22 of our country’s national landmarks. Feel the wind in your face, the mist of a water splash — it really is extraordinary.

Flying over the Grand Canyon on FlyRide!

Heather admits to being a “big fan” of Bigfoot, and she got her fix with the Bigfoot exhibit at Beyond the Lens. “I loved seeing the size of his hands, reading comments of sightings.” Heather did the “Search for Bigfoot” and learned he’s been spotted not far from their home!

Savvy Baker with Bigfoot at Beyond the Lens

Other photo opportunities include being a Hollywood celebrity strolling the Red Carpet. (Remember Heather what said: “Dress cute!”)

On the Red Carpet at Beyond the Lens

AND … the popular Alien Egg Pit!

Heather Baker in the Alien Egg Pit at Beyond the Lens!

Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park

Out on the western edge of Branson, is the Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park. The Shepherd of the Hills, a novel by Harold Bell Wright published in 1907, made publishing history and was a landmark in Branson history, because visitors soon began flocking here to see the Ozarks splendor Wright wrote about. Today, the Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park is home to the action-packed evening show, The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama; live daytime shows; historic tours; a ropes course; Li’l Pete’s Playland; ATV Adventures; and more, including Inspiration Tower.

Inspiration Tower at The Shepherd of the Hills

Heather and her family (husband Joel, their kids Savvy and Hunter) have enjoyed the ATV Adventures on previous trips. This time Heather and Savvy wanted to experience Vigilante Extreme ZipRider. First, ride the elevator to the top of the Tower and be astonished by the panoramic view from Inspiration Point, the highest point in Southwest Missouri.


It’s from the outdoor platform there that you get seated, strapped in, then coast along a half-mile ride at speeds up to 55 mph. It’s exhilarating! Heather and Savvy both said, “The next time we’re in Branson, we’re definitely coming back here!”

ZipRider at Inspiration Tower

Zipline Canopy Tour

There’s also the Zipline Canopy Tour, soaring from tree to tree from tree-suspended platforms. There are so many things to do all day and into the night!


During the Christmas season you’ll enjoy the Trail of Lights, celebrating more than 30 years as Branson’s favorite drive-thru. Drive your way through the 160-acre homestead, past animated displays and millions of lights. See Santa making his way to the top of Inspiration Tower … put it on your Christmas list!

Santa and his reindeer flying to Inspiration Tower

Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center

Back to red carpets — the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center is another attraction always on the Bakers’ list. Heather says, “You get to walk the red carpet, meet superheroes, super villains; you can put on a wedding dress and marry a star. This is a fun attraction for all ages. You never know what they’re going to have, so you definitely want to visit every time.”

Savvy Baker with Men in Black at Hollywood Wax Museum

Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf

Heather went on to say, “This time Savvy and I played Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf. It was so much fun because of all the props and the fun pictures we could take.”


Indeed, you’ll be “discovered” by an agent and go through 18 steps to becoming a Hollywood star, from your celebrity hairdresser to the paparazzi to charity brunches. It’s a tour past palm trees, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Bowl, Beverly Hills Hotel, Santa Monica Pier and Rodeo Drive!

Heather Baker at Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf

When you visit the Hollywood Entertainment Center, you can also enjoy the Castle of Chaos and Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. It’s all right on “the Strip,” just look for the gorilla!

Silver Dollar City

Because they always visit Branson during the Christmas season, Heather and Savvy planned their girls’ trip for this fall. Silver Dollar City made the trip worthwhile with the gorgeous Pumpkin Nights!

Hike through Pumpkin Nights at Silver Dollar City

In the evening the entire park glows with Jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows — nothing scary, just the warm, glittering glow of the season.

Silver Dollar City is aglow with Pumpkin Nights!


It’s all part of Harvest Festival and Craft Days. You’ll find watercolor artist and Gunsmoke star Buck Taylor and other artists in the Cowboy Emporium. On the square and in the Makers Market, discover heritage craft demonstrations, woodworking, fine art and more. Did we mention the wonderful new fall flavors — you won’t go away hungry!


Savvy and Heather are enthusiastic roller coaster fans and spent a lot of time dashing from one coaster to the next. There are so many to choose from … Wildfire? Outlaw Run? Time Traveler? They can’t name a favorite.


The newest thrill at Silver Dollar City is Mystic River Falls. There’s a half-mile river rapids journey, and with a six-story elevated river channel, it’s a splash, with the tallest drop in the Western Hemisphere!

Mystic River Falls

The New Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City

Put Silver Dollar City on your Christmas list! 2019 was the fourth straight year Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas won USA Today’s 10 Best Theme Park Holiday Event. Spectacular is the only way to describe the lights, the sights and sounds of the season.

tree Silver Dollar City

Custom-designed eight-story tree at Silver Dollar City


The City is illuminated with almost seven million lights. Christmas in Midtown is more than an acre, with 145 miles of lights, flying angels and running reindeer, light tunnels. The state-of-the-art eight-story Christmas tree is the centerpiece of Joy on Town Square.


Christmas in Midtown at Silver Dollar City

Whenever you visit Silver Dollar City, whenever you visit Branson, you’ll get “red carpet” treatment and fun family entertainment. Heather and Savvy loved their time in Branson … they think you will, too!

Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel

Heather and Savvy stayed at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel during their trip. For more about the hotel, check our article on their stay!


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