Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Governor


Mental health and well-being is critical to our communities, our workplaces, our families and our state.


“How are you doing?” It’s a simple question, but one we don’t ask nearly enough. And even when it’s answered, it’s rarely answered honestly.


Study after study has shown that Americans’ mental health is on the decline. Still, there is a stigma around mental health and mental health treatment in this country. So many people are suffering, but it is still taboo to talk about what they’re suffering from. That needs to change.


Arkansas Mental Health Guide magazine is a good way to start fixing that problem. In this magazine, you’ll find everything from community-specific resources to moving testimonials from mental health practitioners and patients. It’s a great resource to get up to speed with what’s going on in the mental health space in the Natural State, and for those who need help and their loved ones, it’s an excellent guide to get started.


As America’s youngest governor and the mother of three young kids, I’m keenly aware that our youngest generations are on the front lines of America’s mental health crisis. On the bright side, they seem more open than ever to have an honest conversation about this problem, but tragically, they also face obstacles to their own mental health — especially on social media — that older generations would never have dreamed of.


In my administration, we’re working hard to put smart policies in place that keep our kids safe and their mental health sound. Still, we can’t do this alone. If we’re truly going to address this issue head-on, it will have to be a society-wide effort.


That’s why I’m so glad you’ve decided to pick this magazine up and read about our state’s mental health landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or feel like you’re lost in a sea of information, there’s no better place to get started learning about mental health in Arkansas.







Sarah Huckabee Sanders