As we jump into July, this month marks AY About You’s Salad Bucket List. And for AY Publisher Heather Baker, there was no doubt that her first stop had to be Taziki’s Mediterranean Café, an Arkansas staple known for their exotic salads.


Visiting Taziki’s with KARK host Hilary Hunt, Baker got a firsthand look at the Greece-inspired café that found its start in 1998. The girls made their way to its all-new location on Highway 10 in Little Rock.

Heather Baker and Hilary Hunt

“We’re on a health kick this week,” Hunt says. “We’re talking salads, and this is my favorite spot.”


As soon as Baker and Hunt found their seat, owner Jake Keith treated them to a classic Taziki’s spread: a Caesar salad with chicken, a shrimp Mediterranean salad, a salmon Greek salad, a Chicken Salad and Company with pimento cheese and fruit as well as a hummus appetizer.

“Now that you know what’s on the menu, we’re going to get it whipped up for Hilary and Heather,” Keith says.


Nestled into café style booths, inspired by small cafes in Greece, Baker and Hunt start their feast with glasses of Prosecco and mimosas. Then they dove into the food.

“We have this amazing food – we’re about to eat it. But I love this location on Highway 10. It’s brand new, they’ve got a drive-thru for easy access,” Baker says.


“The dining area is beautiful – natural light everywhere. You feel like it’s a treat. Speaking of treats – let’s eat,” Hunt says.

Starting with the appetizers, Hunt headed for the hummus first – a puree of chickpeas, tahini, touch of cumin and lemon juice scooped with pita on the side. In addition, the girls enjoyed a classic spicy pimento cheese that came with the Chicken Salad and Company, a recipe combining fresh grated sharp cheddar, mayo, diced red peppers with a hint of Tabasco.


For their salads, the Taziki’s kitchen whipped up some classics: fresh mixed lettuce and vegetables, interchangeable through their simple yet fabulous Caesar, Greek and Mediterranean dishes – all topped with the chef’s choice of protein. To close, Baker and Hunt enjoyed a scratch-made chicken salad paired with spicy pimento cheese and fresh-cut fruit.

“This spread has been amazing,” Baker says. “I’m getting full, but I think I may need to eat more.”


Before they headed out, Hunt revealed that the duo has another gift card giveaway planned. If Taziki hopefuls follow both Heather Baker (@HeatherBaker_AR) and Hilary Hunt’s (@Hilary_TV) personal accounts, tag two people and share the post to their story for bonus entry, they will have a chance to win a $100 gift card to Taziki’s in Arkansas.

“The Keiths have hooked you up, so you definitely want to check out our Instagram pages and see if you can win,” Baker says.