Chris Goddard

With over 25 years of design experience, Chris Goddard of the Fayetteville-based Goddard Design Group is at the top of his game. He is internationally recognized for the creativity of his designs and the attention that he places in every aspect of the spaces that he designs.
At an early age, Goddard was involved in creative pursuits and honed the skills that would make him successful in his design practice. While other children were playing sports, Goddard was learning various arts and crafts, such as basket weaving. His family encouraged his efforts and fostered his talent.
“What really got me into design is that I grew in a very creative family and a wonderful household. And then my mother really fostered that in me – to be creative – and she pushed arts classes and anything creative,” he says.
Goddard began working in a men’s clothing store while in college and began designing the window display. This, he says, was his first big break.
“I really got my big start doing windows and visuals. I had a customer and they liked the way the windows looked,” Goddard says.
Afterwards, he began doing visuals and design for progressively bigger projects – from bookcases to rooms to planes to trains and more. “It exceeded my wildest dreams of what would ever have happened,” he says.
In the intervening period, Goddard’s design firm has been recognized as one of the world’s top 100 design firms and honored by the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
One of his recent projects, located in the town of Elkins, Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains, is a testament to Goddard’s skill as a designer. The owner wanted the home, called Triple E, to reflect the beauty of the outside landscape.
To accomplish this, Goddard had to develop a new style, which he calls “Boho Ozark Vernacular Chic,” for the space. “We were creating a whole new vernacular for the design, for the area. When you look out the window, and you’re in the space, they are one and the same,” he says.
According to Goddard, the space is now more than a house – it’s a home that’s also an “elevated Ozark experience.”
When designing homes like Triple E, Goddard focuses on the details in the space and takes inspiration from everything. He never repeats the same design twice. After all, “if you’re a creative person, you’re constantly taking in everything,” he says.
But the most important aspect of any design is ensuring that it reflects who the owner is.
“I believe design should be fun – it shouldn’t be traumatic,” Goddard says. “We’re working together as a team. I’m not fighting against you, I’m working with you to create something”

Chris Goddard is the founder and principal designer of Goddard Design Group. Chris has over 25 years design experience and possesses a unique approach to design because he believes that each space should tell a story or evoke a mood.
Through his eclectic style and attention to detail, he truly creates an artful mixture of elegance with personal history.  Chris sees each client as unique and by tailoring to their needs, environment and history, he is able to create an inheritable home which will welcome generations for years to come.   “A life worth living is a life well lived.” This is Chris’ mantra, and he tackles each day with the expectation to change and enhance lives through design.

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