In March 2023, Jessica Haner went into sudden cardiac arrest while talking to her husband.


“He said I turned blue,” she said.


Her husband immediately performed CPR, which he learned through the American Heart Association. In fact, he had been a CPR instructor.


With her breathing restored, she was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, then taken by helicopter to another hospital. Doctors told her a virus had attacked her heart six to eight months earlier.


“I learned my heart would never be the same again,” she said.


She received an ICD to monitor her heart rate and deliver an electric shock to restore a normal cadence if an abnormal heart rhythm is detected.


Haner said her heart issues and the therapy that followed have been an adjustment for her family.


“I’ve regained a sense of normalcy that, six months ago, I wasn’t so sure I’d ever have again,” she said. “I’m standing here today because of the love of my husband and the knowledge he had to save my life.”


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