Go Red for Women: Dr. Sadie Mitchell

Dr. Sadie Mitchell


Dr. Sadie Mitchell is a retired Arkansas educator who committed 40 years as a teacher, principal and central office administrator. She always saw herself as a strong, active and highly motivated woman, full of energy and life. 


On a hot, sunny Saturday in late August of 2021, Mitchell got up early and went to the farmer’s market. She came back home, unloaded her groceries, and instead of coming inside out of the heat, headed directly back outside to tend to her garden. 


All of a sudden, there was a thump in the middle of her back. It didn’t alarm her because she’d felt it several times earlier in the week. This time, however, the thump did not stop. Sweat started pouring profusely from her head and body. Mitchell immediately went in the house, drank some water and tried to ignore the frightening episode.


Not wanting to alarm and needlessly stress her husband, she didn’t say anything initially. Then, as she was trying to dress, she became weak, continued to sweat and experienced terrible heartburn. She dismissed this as heartburn and dehydration, but because of her family history, she thought she may be having a heart attack and went to see a doctor. 


Go Red for Women Luncheon

Friday, May 20

Benton Event Center.

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