Girls Just Want to Have Fun


There is nothing like a good girls’ night! They are usually the most fun night of the week. I always feel refreshed and encouraged after a night with my girlfriends. And I am lucky enough to get to work with my best friend and partner in crime, so we are always planning a girls’ night! Whether we go out or have girls’ night at home, the night usually involves wine, cheese, talking nonstop, laughing until we cry, and occasionally getting ourselves into some sort of trouble!

Here are a few girls’ nights must-haves:

Sparkling Wine or Champagne. Who doesn’t love a little bubbly or vino? Whether you are out with your girlfriends or having a girls’ night in bubbles make everything better! We can always find something to celebrate… even if it is just finding a new wine or champagne to try!

Champagne or Wine

Amazing Food. We love to make a big cheese plate if we are staying in and usually mix up some cookie dough that we have no intention of cooking — raw cookie dough for dessert. When we go out, we are usually at a Mexican restaurant having cheese dip and margaritas or going to a restaurant and ordering one of every appetizer so that we can taste a little bit of everything. We make entire meals of appetizers!

Cheese board

Pictures Please. Girls’ time has to be documented with lots of fun pics! What better way to save your memories? We have been known to break out a selfie stick… in public!

Rachel Sims selfie

If we are going out on the town, we usually start the night getting ready together. Then finding some place with fun music is a must. We love a live band and you will find us front and center dancing (and sometimes singing along). If there is no fun band playing, we can make a great DJ work too.

For a girls’ night in you will find us in our PJs, with our cheese plate and wine watching one of our favorite movies or TV shows we have on DVR. (Mean Girls or Scandal anyone?) Sometimes staying in can be more fun than going out. We usually laugh and talk way more than we watch TV, but binge watching DVR is a great excuse to stay in and hang out.

Probably our favorite girls’ night ritual is happy hour right after work. I’m pretty sure that my bestie and I became best friends at happy hour, bonding over our shared love for Taylor Swift and warm pita bread. We catch each other up on whatever we missed during the work day, and de-stress with wine and gossip.

What are your favorite girls’ night rituals? We would love to hear and get some new ideas for our next adventure!

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