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One need not go too far into Hot Springs to find evidence of the Coy’s legacy. Though the 1940’s steakhouse is no more — for now, but more on that later — former patrons continue to share their memories of the famed eatery, and the Manning Brown and Caffey families take very seriously their mission to carry on those historic (and delicious) flavors.


Coy’s Southern Eats was founded in 2018 to bring the spices and renowned house dressing mix back to Coy’s fans old and new. For Tracy Manning Brown, director of business development, the most important thing Coy’s Southern Eats can do for customers of all stripes is keep a smile on their faces the Coy’s way with downright delicious flavors.


“Coy’s has meant so much to so many people,” Manning Brown said. “Coy’s Southern Eats has given us the ability to reach a new generation that might have never known Coy’s at all.”


She said she is particularly proud of the company’s ability to diversify its offerings without straying from the image and soul of the Coy’s brand. Coy’s Southern Eats has plans to continue reaching audiences far and wide in addition to keeping its roots alive and well: the Brown family has announced the return of a physical restaurant to Hot Springs early next year.


“We are just so honored to be a part of your lives and to still mean so much to so many people,” Brown said. “We are so excited to see you in person again in 2024.”

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