Sowell Architects

Finalist, Best Architect 

AY's BestRik Sowell has lived by a motto he saw written on the back of a “No Fear” T-shirt that read, “You can’t steal second with your foot on first.” He started to plan the opening of Sowell Architects, located in his hometown of Conway, the next day — after buying the same shirt and framing it. The same shirt still hangs in Sowell’s office, after 26 years in business.


Founded in October 1995, Sowell Architects is a small firm, focused on hiring and retaining the best staff possible, and in doing so spending as much time as possible producing projects. Sowell recently took on Emily and Cody Ferris as partners. With their help, he believes that Sowell Architects will continue to remain sharp and in touch with younger decision-makers.

Sowell is passionate about meeting the needs of clients while providing what the client wants and envisions. 


“I enjoy the combination of creativity and practicality, which results in a tangible product that one can physically and mentally experience,” Sowell says. “The two best parts of my job are walking through a completed project and knowing it was conceived in my mind, and two, the smiles and approval of a satisfied client.” 


Honored in AY’s Best of 2021, Sowell says he is grateful to those who saw fit to vote for Sowell Architects. 


“We do not take our blessings for granted, which includes the support of our clients, friends and acquaintances,” Sowell says. 

1315 North Street, #100, Conway • (501) 450-9633 •