Get to Know…AY’s Best of 2020: Roots Restaurant

Winner, Best New Restaurant

The stars have almost literally aligned for Paula and Karl Lowe, the husband and wife duo behind Roots Restaurant. The pair have extensive culinary backgrounds between them but had never dreamed of opening a restaurant in Jonesboro. 


“One day, we were looking at an apartment, and the next we were buying a restaurant,” they say jokingly. 


Roots Restaurant officially opened in the summer of 2019, and the Lowes haven’t looked back since. The revolving menu changes every three months, each time a painstaking crafting that involves not only the two and their staff, but the farmers who provide Roots with quality, fresh ingredients. 


“We are very proud that our Roots community nominated us for this award,” the owners say. “We couldn’t believe it; it was too good to be true, especially this year. We are very grateful.” 


The restaurant’s culinary accomplishments also netted it a spot on AY’s Farm Fresh Bucket List in November. But the Lowes aren’t complacent to merely rest on laurels. They are excitedly awaiting next year, and can’t wait to show their faithful customers what else they have in store. 


“If you thought the food in 2020 was great, just wait until next year,” they say. “This year we started safe; we will get a little riskier, and the menus will evolve every season. We like to challenge our team and, as always, we are very thankful to have the opportunity to do what we love.” 


303 S Main Street, Jonesboro // (870) 336-1212 //


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