Twisted Fries food truck

It’s Friday, and here at AY About You, that means a little more than just a #TGIF attitude.


For us, it’s Fry Day!


Every Friday, AY chooses a local shop (or truck) dedicated to bringing Arkansans binge-worthy fries and delicious, homemade sauces.


For this week’s Fry Day, we are featuring a Central Arkansas business that has entirely dedicated itself to the art of fry-making: Twisted Fries!


Twisted Fries is a Central Arkansas traveling food truck that pledges its entire operation to making a classic American side dish into the main entrée

Carne Asada Fries

“All of our fries are hand fried with Kennebec potatoes,” owner and operator Adam Whitefield says. “We use an industrial potato cutter to cut them, fry them in a low temperature, refrigerate them overnight and then fry them again at a higher temperature right before serving.”


According to Whitefield, this process is what creates Twisted fries’ classic, crispy golden exterior and light, fluffy interior. 


Once the fry base is perfected, the Twisted Fries toppings are added. These toppings include a variety of things ranging from spicy chicken to mac and cheese. 


If you didn’t already have enough reason to try out Twisted Fries, we haven’t touched on one of the best parts: the 15 loaded fry menu items!


With dishes labeled the Go Cluck Yourself and the Los Frachos, it is safe to say the Twisted Fries menu is nothing short of original. 

“Carnie” Funnel Cake Fries with Strawberry Dipping Sauce

Although trying all 15 fry variations is a must, Whitefield mentioned a customer favorite that newcomers should put at the top of their list.


“The Slobbering Hog is a fan favorite and one of my personal favorites,” Whitefield says.


Loaded high with classic queso, pulled pork, house bbq sauce, red onion and jalapeno, we aren’t surprised this is a requested menu item. 


To add to the fun, Twisted Fries incorporates one-of-a-kind sauces into each fry dish. 


“We serve our Basic B french fries with homemade curry ketchup or twisted queso,” Whitefield says. Additional sauces include garlic truffle aioli, ring-a-ding sauce, jalapeno aioli and more.


When visiting the Twisted Fries truck, make sure to see where they are and what menu items will be available for the particular day. Click here to see how Twisted Fries makes Fry-Day every day. 


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