Fries at The Faded Rose

Happy #FryDay from AY About You!


Every Friday, AY chooses a local eatery dedicated to bringing Arkansans binge-worthy fries and delicious, homemade sauces.


For this week’s Fry Day, we’re highlighting the fries at The Faded Rose Restaurant. 

The Faded Rose, located off of Rebsamen Park Road in Little Rock, is a New Orleans steak and seafood restaurant founded in 1982. According to Zac David, son of the owner and founder Ed David, the restaurant’s approach to making fries is unique. 


They are made from Idaho russet potatoes and come in two different forms. One is a thinner cut, classic French fry, while the other is a thick-cut wedge called a steak fry (also called a long fry). 

David told AY that all fries are cut in house and stored in lightly salted water instead of being salted after frying in order to ensure saltiness throughout. 


“We fry them once, let them cool down, then fry them again a second time”, David says.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, the demand for The Faded Rose’s fries remains high. The restaurant currently receives shipments of potatoes twice a week due to COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, the restaurant received them “three times a week” David says.


But what are fries without a special sauce to dip them in?

The most popular sauce with fries at The Faded Rose (other than ketchup) is a special buttermilk ranch style dressing. This dressing is made in house at the eatery with Bulgarian buttermilk and seasoned with an array of Cajun spices. 


Famished for fries? Check out The Faded Rose Restaurant’s website here.


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