Monday’s won’t be so bad in Little Rock’s budding East Village. That’s because each week, Cromwell Architects Engineers will host Food Truck Mondays, featuring a number of local food trucks.
The firm opened its remodeled office in The Paint Factory, in the East Village, in March of this year and continues to lead the redevelopment of the region.
“The success of a neighborhood like East Village is dependent on diversity throughout its community,” a Cromwell press release reads. “We want to embrace the spirit of that old industrial part of Little Rock and retain the history and quality of what was built there in the late 1800’s into the mid 1900s. We want to foster creativity and interaction between neighbors and local businesses in order to help this area grow. We want to create new jobs and see people living nearby taking advantage of new opportunities.”
Weather permitting, Cromwell will host food trucks outside of their offices at 1300 East 6th St., from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., beginning Aug. 6.
A number of food trucks have already been chosen to participate, including:
Aug. 13 – Cypress Knee
Aug. 20 – The Clean Eatery
Aug. 27 – Native Eats
Sept. 10 – Nach’yo Nachos
Sept. 24 – Native Eats
Oct. 8 – Nach’yo Nachos
Oct. 22 – Nach’yo Nachos
Food truck operators interested in participating in Food Truck Mondays are encouraged to contact Victoria Gross at
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