Northwest Arkansas can hold its own when it comes to world-class hiking and biking trails.


No matter what kind of an experience you’re wanting, there is a trail available to meet your hiking criteria. Need a family friendly jaunt by the lake? NWA has it. Want to get a good work out in and challenge yourself? Step right up! No pun intended.


NWA Daily recently published a list of five of the best fall hiking trails in Northwest Arkansas.


Lost Valley – Kingston, AR

Known as one of the most gorgeous and popular hikes in the Ozarks, Lost Valley’s beauty shines year-round – especially in the fall. Nothing can match the way this trail looks once fall starts to show its colors. The trail is a 2.2-mile out and back hike, and it’s pretty easy-going. So if you’re looking for a beautiful trail with a low difficulty level, this one might be your go-to. The main points of interest on the hike are Eden Falls and Cobb Cave. Eden falls cascades over 50 feet into Clark Creek.


Sam’s Throne – Sam’s Throne Campground, AR

This trail leads you down along a ridge before crossing a saddle with spectacular views on both sides. After about 1.5 miles, there is a short rock scramble to a hilltop where you can catch 360 degree views. The trail overall is a 2.9-mile loop with a moderate difficulty level.


Devil’s Den – Yellow Rock Trail – West Fork, AR

The main feature of the Yellow Rock Trail is the Yellow Rock overlook, which gives you a wide open view of Lee Creek Valley and fall foliage as far as the eye can see. The overall trail is a 3-mile loop with a moderate difficulty level.


Alum Cove – Deer, AR

The Alum Cove starts off by crossing over the top of a natural bridge and then allows you to see it from below. After you continue around the loop, you follow a small creek, and then there will be many small caves that you can pop in and out of. This hike is perfect for a quick getaway adventure and the overall trail is a 1.2-mile loop with a moderate difficulty level.


Richland Creek – Twin Falls – Witt Springs, AR

Richland Creek Wilderness is most known by kayakers, but the hiking in this area is like nowhere else. Twin Falls is a moderate to difficult hike due to the multiple water crossings. The trail leads you along the river with large boulders all over, then ends at Twin Falls where you can wade out to a stunning double waterfall. This is a 5.1-mile out and back trail.


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