It’s a new month, and that means it’s time to kick off a new bucket list at AY About You. And since all kinds of feelings are in the air this time of year, we put together a list of love: the Romantic Dinner Bucket List. For the first stop on the tour, we took a quick drive to Conway to visit Mike’s Place.



“We’re so glad to be here with AY Magazine,” says Mike Coats of the legendary eatery. “It’s such a privilege.”


“When we were working on this bucket list for romantic places, I knew Mike’s Place had to be on it,” Heather Baker says at the top of the KARK segment. “I mean, look at this incredible food. This is spectacular for a date night.”



Choosing where to put her fork first is a tough decision for Baker this time around. There’s just so many delicious dishes from which to choose. From the steak to the salmon to the fried green tomatoes, everything at Mike’s Place is a homerun. The seafood crepes catch her eye, though, and she can’t get enough.



“This is a crepe full of flavor,” she says. “With the shrimp, and it’s got scallops in it. It’s crunchy. I mean, it’s got everything you want in it for seafood.”



Up next is the ribeye, which Baker says is cooked to perfection and dripping with deliciousness. Then, of course, she had to get at least a few bites of the salmon, seeing as Mike flies it in fresh.


And it wouldn’t quite be a true romantic dinner for most folks without a few libations to sip on. For that thirst, Mike’s has a fully stocked bar, with plenty of wine, beer and cocktails to keep your spirits high.



Oh, and we would never forget dessert either. The boxcar brownie with ice cream and the key lime pie were out of this world good.


“Well Mike’s Place is definitely is romantic,” Baker says. “You’ll have to tune in next week to see where we end up because we’re going to be at another romantic bucket list destination.”


For your chance to win a dinner for two to Mike’s Place, click here.