First Full Moon Of The New Lunar Year

Full Moon

The Moon. The enigmatic and ever-captivating “satellite” that rules the night sky. She represents the duality of nature, lights up the dark and pulls the tides. Without her, the earth and universe as we know it would not exist.

The moon is representative of the rhythm of time and cycles, harvest and fertility.

Have you ever noticed that people tend to act a little “loony” on a full moon? The term “loony” comes from the word “lunatic”; “lunatic” is derived from the Latin word “Luna”, meaning “Moon”.

I once heard an interesting theory on this and it was that our bodies are made up of 60% water, and the moon controls the tides of the ocean so it is possible that she affects human behavior as well.

Wolves howl at her in reverence and she remains a mystery and a wonderment; a beautiful “night light”.

In all of her fullness, the energy emanating in and out of and through the moon is profound, and her presence is undeniable.

February 12 will be the first full moon of the new lunar year 2017.

In celebration, Wildwood Park for the Arts will be lighting up for their annual deep-woods festival — Lanterns 2017, February 10-12. This will be a magical weekend, on an already magical property.

Below you will see a chart of the moon phases for Little Rock, AR, taken from The Farmers Almanac. You can go here to find the phases for other locations, as well as a lot of other cool and useful information. Cheers to the first full moon of the new lunar year!


Moon Phases

Moon Phases – Little Rock

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