“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The quote is credited to a French writer in the 19th century, but I feel like it describes where we are now in 2020. Yes, the pandemic is the defining moment of the year, but from my vantage point, the show must go on. With alterations, of course. We, like you, are hoping for things to settle down so we can educate our kids, cheer for the Hogs and eat at our favorite restaurants. 


Another business affected by the pandemic is definitely real estate. Have you been reading about the real estate market? Very low interest rates have pushed people to sell their homes and with that, inventory is low. It has spawned one area of real estate: apartment living. In this issue, we give you a peek into what today’s apartment living is about. It’s not that two-bedroom, one bath dump you had in college with the window unit A/C and a stained tub. Now, apartment living is like a stay at the famed Bellagio with water fountains and high end art installations. I can see why people are so quick to sell their homes and enter the land of never-having-to-mow-again or fix-a-leaky-faucet. We also look into what home sales look like and who the bests Realtors are as well as what home features people are demanding.


Food is always front and center for us at AY. This month with milder temperatures in the state and lower humidity, people want to dine al fresco. We gotcha covered with our list of some of the best patios in Central Arkansas. And our bucket list this month is another you won’t want to miss — Southern plates. As for recipes, we are helping there as well with some Southern-themed fare: a hummingbird bundt cake from our recipe guru, Nic Williams, and a cajun shrimp, sausage and vegetable skillet from KATV-Channel 7’s Kaitlin Barger.


Our health feature focuses on men this month. You won’t believe it when you read the story about the professor from the University of Arkansas who, on a whim, had a blood test at a health fair that revealed he had prostate cancer — at 38. He had a mother pass away from cancer and a father at the time fighting prostate cancer. Then, five of his brothers were diagnosed with prostate cancer. This reminds me that it is very important that men get screened for this. Read more about the Kick Off to Men’s Health events that are in the state this month on page 138. 


As we look ahead, we have some exciting features we are working on here. We have a great editorial staff and that, combined with a stellar sales staff and graphic designers, is why we are the best in every regard. I promise I’m being objective when I say that.