Fayetteville Roots Festival, which is a recurring event in the Northwest Arkansas Community that takes place each year in late August, has announced it will not be returning for the foreseeable future. 


According to Fayetteville Roots Co-founders Bryan Hembree, Bernice Hembree and Jerrmy Gawthrop, this announcement comes due to the rise in costs to produce a music festival matched with the decrease in ticket sales from this year’s event. 


“Fayetteville Roots Family, we thank you for the last 13 years. Our hearts are filled with memories of togetherness and community. Our ears are filled with melodies of the hundreds of musicians that have graced a Roots stage with their music. Our bodies are nourished by the numerous chefs and culinary artists who plated up pure soul for the Roots Community,” the letter stated. “We yearn to spend more time with our families, to play more music, to enjoy more home cooked meals together. The three of us started Fayetteville Roots with love and friendship, and we close this chapter with love and friendship. For that, we are grateful.” 


The trio also mentioned how the independent music business is suffering on the national level, making it difficult for indie artists across the country. While the music festival portion is seemingly done with, the co–founders have other plans to continue with Fayetteville Roots. 


“On a positive note, this will give our non-profit organization a chance to refocus and dream about our next chapter. This is not the end of Fayetteville Roots. It’s time to evolve, and a time to evaluate what is next,” the letter also stated. 


To read the full letter, visit the Fayetteville Roots website. 


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