Ruben Toledo, Tailors Forms 8, 2022 © Ruben Toldeo. (Photo courtesy of Crystal Bridges)



Fashion forward exhibit, Fashioning America: Grit to Glamour, will be on display from Sept. 10 to Jan. 30, 2023 at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. 


According to Crystal Bridges, Fashioning America offers video, imagery and approximately 90 garments and accessories selected from two centuries of popular fashion. In emphasizing the work of designers who immigrated to America, Indigenous American designers and Black designers, the exhibition will also showcase iconic fashion brands and the impact they have had on every decade. 


Admission is free to members of Crystal Bridges and $12 for adults. SNAP participants, Veterans and children 18-years-old and younger are also eligible for free admission. 


“This sweeping presentation conveys how American Fashion and its contributions reflect the American Spirit of ingenuity on the national and world stages,” according to the Crystal Bridges website. 


Pat and Priscilla Emery in Levi Strauss jeans and Western shirts at the All American Fashion Show in Paris, 1947. Levi Strauss & Co. Archives. (Photo courtesy of Crystal Bridges)



The exhibit will include dresses worn by first ladies, art-inspired garments and iconic fashion moments. According to Crystal Bridges, Fashioning America conveys American expressions of innovation, while highlighting stories of designers and wearers, centering on opportunity and self-invention. This exhibition further amplifies voices often left out of dominant fashion narratives. 





4 / 8 Ji Won Choi, Jogakbo Dress, Antecedent collection, Summer 2021. Deadstock patchwork squares. Courtesy Ji Won Cho. IED Firenze students: V. Botarelli, A. Capoccetta, M. Catarzi; Ph: Sofia Brogi. (Photo courtesy of Crystal Bridges)



Fashioning America is organized by Crystal Bridges and curated by a leading fashion curator and historian, Michelle Tolini Finamore, PhD, a guest curator at the museum. The exhibit is sponsored by many parties, of whom the following are but several: Willard & Pat Walker Charitable Foundation, Inc, Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry, Dillard’s Inc. and more. 


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