Family Business: Gaston’s White River Legacy


Gaston’s White River Legacy

Lakeview, AR


The legacy began in 1958, when Al Gaston bought 20 acres on the White River. When his son Jim Gaston inherited Gaston’s White River Resort a few short years later, there were six small cottages and six boats. Today the resort sits on more than 400 acres, with 79 cottages and a state-of-the-art dock that houses more than 70 boats.

When Jim Gaston passed away in 2014, Gaston’s had become a first class fishing destination, known around the country. There’s an airstrip, conference lodge, tennis court, a long list of amenities. Fine dining in the restaurant, which sits high above the river, offers a spectacular view.

Leadership of the resort fell to Jim’s grandson Clint Gaston. His first job there — picking up cigarette butts and litter. Clint smiles and says, “To this day, I still pick up every cigarette butt and any litter I see. I’m trying to teach my son to do the same.”

Through the years Clint has worked in every position. “In this business it’s crucial to learn and understand all aspects of it. My time spent doing landscaping, maintenance on equipment and cottages, working in the kitchen, fishing guide, and more was so important to effectively lead and run the resort. There isn’t a job here that I have not done myself… I couldn’t be more proud of my grandfather’s accomplishments, and look forward to carrying on the legacy, with hopes to pass it on for generations to come.”


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