Fall Hair Trends for the Modern Woman


In case you may not have noticed, the ‘80s are trying to slowly slip back onto the trend list.

A client shows off the big braid trend.

However, balayage and ombré are not going anywhere just yet. Right now, it’s all about melting colors together, which makes sure there are no root lines. These styles are great for the busy woman on the go.

Bobs and “lobs” – long bobs, for those who aren’t in the know – are huge for shorter hair. I love these. They’re always trendy, they look great, they’re easy to fix and maintain, and you can easily transform your bob from day to night with a toss of your hair or by throwing in a few curls.

Another bold-but-trendy ‘80s-esque modern look that’s making a comeback this year is the bang. Yes, I said it. Bangs. No, not the barrel curl bang that we all don’t want to admit we did. Nor the bangs we stood straight up and slammed in a book. No, these are long, lash-skimming, soft bangs.

As the seasons change, blondes can go with a soft color and a shadow “rootagé” to tone down that summer platinum. The calmer color will soften faces for fall. And smoky cool tones add dimension for our deep brunette and black-haired beauties. One trend that I think is fun that reminds me of medieval times is the puffy braid. This big, loose braid is trending for longer hair. Create your own look. Have fun with it.

So there you have it, ladies! Late summer and early fall style: the trendy bob and soft-flowing, color-melting locks with soft bangs that you can throw into a big braid.


  1. by Barbara Smith on September 2, 2017  5:36 pm

    I enjoyed your article and look forward to more....perhaps some good cuts and styles for us seniors. But remember we are a no fuss bunch!

  2. by Brenda Dunn on September 2, 2017  6:06 pm

    I loved your article. Ah to be young and beautiful again. I'd love to wear the "medieval" puffy braid. Oh well, at 75-years of age my category has lost more than youth. With thinning hair, wigs are a quick fix, but styles are age-old repetitive. Are there new styles for the mature woman using extensions and subtle braids? I look forward to reading more of your articles. Thank you.

  3. Guinevere Osborn
    by Guinevere Osborn on September 6, 2017  11:37 pm

    I would be glad to provide hairstyles and tips in the future for the mature woman that are low maintenance yet in style. Thank you for reading my article.

  4. Guinevere Osborn
    by Guinevere Osborn on September 6, 2017  11:49 pm

    Hello, there are styles and options for the mature woman. Hair pieces are great quick fixes. Shorter layers work best for filler. If you prefer length, you can buy a braid and wrap it around your own hair for fun. There are also professional products to prevent hair loss and products for fuller hair. I will be glad to write an article in the future on that topic. Thank you

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