Faces of Arkansas: The Face of Transitional Living for Women and Children, Oasis of Northwest Arkansas


Oasis of Northwest Arkansas provides safe, sober housing and resources for women in recovery and their children. For Executive Director LaDonna Humphrey and the rest of the team at Oasis, their success is found in helping women conquer addiction, recover from trauma, reunify with their families and gain essential economic, social and emotional tools. 


Like any disease, addiction cannot be taken on alone, so providing a community of support is integral to the work Oasis does. The critical programming Oasis provides guides women in recovery towards becoming strong, contributing members of society. 


Right now, Humphrey’s goals for Oasis are centered around continually improving the services they provide and expanding those services to reach more people. Additionally, Humphrey is working to change the perceptions and beliefs society has formed about women who struggle with addiction.


Everyone at Oasis models honesty, empathy and hard work. Humphrey says these qualities are “absolutely critical” when it comes to working with women in recovery and their children. 


“I am passionate about walking alongside women in recovery as they rebuild their lives,” Humphrey says. “It’s life-changing and life-giving for me, my staff and the women that we serve.”


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