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Faces of Arkansas: The Face of NWA Real Estate, Lindsey & Associates

Kendall Riggins – Senior Vice President, Executive Broker


Since 2004, Kendall Riggins has been one of the driving forces in selling new residential neighborhoods in Northwest Arkansas. Riggins, SVP and an executive broker at Lindsey & Associates, has earned not only the trust of his clients, but a reputation as the most trusted realtor of new homes in the region.


“Whether you are new to home buying or a growing family, I try to make sure there is a new community and a home that will fit your needs,” Riggins says.


Economic uncertainty and low supply have put stress on every aspect of the real estate industry. That’s why Riggins has been working with developers, builders and banks to find solutions that serve buyers and sellers alike.


“The goal over the next couple of years is to keep the housing market strong in our area while continuing to give buyers and sellers the information and the tools to make a smart decision,” Riggins says.


When asked about the qualities that make him successful, Riggins keeps it simple: Be knowledgeable, be honest, and be hardworking. Given his track record, it seems like he’s found the winning formula. 

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