Faces of Arkansas: The Face Of Local Dining and Entertainment, The Taco Society

Heather Baber-Roe, Owner


The Taco Society, made up of the four businesses owned by restaurateurs Heather Baber-Roe and husband Craig, is a go-to dining destination for Central Arkansas. Most foodies will be familiar with the likes of Baja Grill, Valhalla and Valkyrie, but also on the horizon is Baber-Roe’s newest fine-dining venture, ROBER, set to open in late 2022. 


With even more projects on the horizon, Baber-Roe has no intention of slowing down. The couple has recently dubbed their block of businesses in downtown Benton the “South Street Entertainment District,” with plans to open a gourmet market called South Street Provisions, in the works. Bigger, better and bolder is the vision for Baber-Roe. 


She attributes her success to the strength of her team and the support of her family. “I have a true passion for what I do,” Baber-Roe says. “I want to always persevere, not just for myself, but for all of the people who work hard in our businesses.” 


The mission of the Taco Society is to deliver an exceptional dining experience in every way, from the quality of the food to the warmth of the customer service. Baber-Roe prioritizes having a good working environment for her staff and bringing the freshest ingredients to each restaurant’s menu. 


“Quality is of the utmost importance,” she says. “I love food and creating recipes, but it’s the overall experience that people crave. Our restaurants are full of regulars every day — I love seeing it.”


Not everyone is up to the task of spinning so many plates — literally and figuratively — but for Baber-Roe, there’s no place she’d rather be.


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