Faces of Arkansas: The Face of Leadership, School of Man


All of us have had a moment in life where we have fallen in a rut or two. The School of Man (SoM) is waiting with an outstretched hand to pull stumbling men back up.


“It’s an organization of like-minded men who have come together individually to not only better themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and relationally but in turn to better each man within the group,” says Cole Rodgers, founder and lead follower of SoM. “It’s a pay-it-forward program.” 


Bringing together men from all walks of life to strengthen the mind and body, SoM’s foundation is built on the mission of rebuilding and being reborn.


“I founded SoM out of my own personal pain,” Rodgers says. “I didn’t know it at the time, but it eventually became my ‘why.’ Searching for a men’s group that embraced vulnerability, extreme accountability and attention to results, I set out on a new course to create something to help men truly become reborn and seek the progress they long for.”


SoM works by many mottos, but one rings the loudest to Rodgers and his brotherhood.


“‘One Team, One Fight.’ Why? Because it is what we are all about — brotherhood and family. And when life delivers a knock at the door, we as a family will fight together what is on the other side,” Rodgers says. “Aroooo!” 


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