Although Sissy’s Log Cabin is now known as an iconic jewelry store across the state, most people are unaware of its beginnings as a small antique shop in 1970. Sissy Jones, a dedicated collector of antiques, began renting an old log cabin in Pine Bluff and stocked it with the fabulous finds that filled her attic and home. The shop eventually became the high-end jewelry store that people know and love today, and Sissy’s son, Bill Jones, is now CEO. 


“Growing up, I watched my mother make sacrifices and build this business from the ground up,” Bill says. “In the year 1970, it wasn’t common to see women entrepreneurs. I began helping her at a young age and became interested in the craft and working at the jeweler’s bench after hours.”  


Sissy’s Log Cabin welcomes each person who walks through its doors and treats him or her like family. The staff helps people from all walks of life find the perfect jewelry for every occasion, whether that is an engagement ring, shopping estate pieces or special birthday gift. For the past half-century, Sissy’s has celebrated all of life’s milestones with its clients across the state.   


Sissy’s continues to be a Christian-based, family-owned company; the store begins every morning with a prayer. Sissy’s vision and leadership continue to inspire Bill as he guides the company through the pandemic.  


“She is a strong female leader who has taught me a lot about life and business over the years,” Bill says. “It is a blessing to work alongside her and carry on the legacy she began 50 years ago.”


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