Bathhouse Soapery is a handcrafted soap and bath company with three, charm-filled apothecary boutiques. Its specialty is handcrafted soaps created in the manner that soaps have been made for hundreds of years. The Hot Springs company also crafts anything else you could ever want for a bath or for the body. This unique pandemic year has taught us more than ever that “self-care” is no longer just a luxury; it’s now a borderline requirement. Bathhouse Soapery has always believed in this idea, and crafts every product not just for ultimate health and radiance for the skin, but for well-being. 


Owner Charlene Simon is a self-taught soapmaker and cosmetic formulator. She started in 2000 when she was just 19 years old. In 2009, Bathhouse opened its first location in downtown Hot Springs, and now has three locations and a thriving online cyber boutique. In the last decade, it has made nearly a million pounds of soap. 


This was also the year that Simon began her efforts to revitalize the downtown area. After opening Bathhouse, she created Fat Bottomed Girls Cupcakes (which her daughter now runs), and Evilo Oils and Vinegars. To date, the Simon family now helm seven stores in downtown Hot Springs.


To help customers during the pandemic, Simon and Bathhouse created a platform called SOAPBOX Live, a weekly event on social media that features contests, giveaways and product spotlights.  Simon and her company do events like these to provide some semblance of normalcy in her customers’ lives. 


She emphasizes that listening to your own heart in business or in a boardroom is the only compass you need.


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