Originally chartered in 1951, the Home Builders Association of Greater Little Rock (HBA-GLR) is the voice of the Central Arkansas housing industry. The association advocates for affordable housing to state and national leaders and strives to keep the community’s housing industry fair and healthy. 


HBA-GLR is led by the best in the business. All members are licensed by the state of Arkansas and insured, and the board contains 30 of Little Rock’s most proficient industry experts. The association is also part of the National Association of Home Builders, which allows HBA-GLR to connect with a large network of craftsmen, innovators and problem solvers who are dedicated to building and enriching communities. 


The association’s expertise allows it to be the best resource possible. By offering education to both members and area leaders, HBA-GLR fights for positive growth for its businesses. Homebuilding professionals can also use the association as a networking tool to build key relationships, increase profitability and increase their value as a community resource. 


The association has also hosted the state’s largest consumer home show for the past 68 years. Over a period of two days, thousands of people visit to connect with the best experts and professionals in the industry. Hundreds of exhibitors showcase the best in home improvement, remodeling, décor, and more. 


Although the coronavirus pandemic has come with challenges, HBA-GLR has not stopped providing for the community. The association has taken advantage of technological resources at its disposal to innovate in how they assist the public and their members. 


Home Builders Association of Greater Little Rock – 501-758-3646 – hbaglr.com