Faces of Arkansas: The Face Of Academic Excellence, Founders Classical Academies Arkansas


At Founders Classical Academies, a well-rounded education is all about getting the basics right. Founders Classical Academies offer a content-rich, comprehensive curriculum based on a mastery of reading, writing and arithmetic, a systematic study of language, a fact-driven and inquiry-based study of the sciences and a thorough study of the classic works of the Western and American tradition. 


A classical education stands out among other forms of education because it follows the vision of the American Founders and other civic leaders throughout history. The emphasis of a classical education is on the growth of students academically and personally, not on rote memorization or checking off one-size-fits-all learning standards. 


Founders Classical Academies believe that a traditional, liberal education provides students with a firm foundation to flourish not only individually, but as intelligent, responsible and active members of their community. Through the pursuit of knowledge and the promotion of virtue, students of all backgrounds and abilities are prepared to live prosperous lives.


This tuition-free classical education is currently available in Bentonville, Rogers and West Little Rock. Founders Classical Academies aims to continue growing these campuses while opening new locations across the state to ensure that all students have access to the lifelong benefits of a classical education. The foundations laid today at Founders Classical Academies are building the free citizens and just society of tomorrow. 


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