The Face Of Hair

Salon Cirae
Leah Harding 


Salon Cirae, a boutique hair salon in Little Rock, is a multi-service salon passed down from sister to sister that offers its clients not just a haircut but a boost of confidence. 


Owner Leah Harding purchased the salon in January 2018 from her sister, who had owned it since 2009.


“My sister was a stylist for 12 years, and I knew I would also love going into cosmetology,” Harding says. “I wanted to keep the business in the family.”


With both male and female clients ranging from 18 months to 97-years old, the stylists at Salon Cirae believe that empowerment knows no age. 


“I want to live an empowered life utilizing my interests and talents while helping people as best as I can,” Harding says. “Sometimes that’s as simple as making them feel beautiful from the inside out.”


Although the salon works with a broad range of clients, the details are far from forgotten. Harding is a certified hair extensionist and specializes in keratin smoothing treatments. Even though clients are also likely to find her soaking up the joy of her first child, a daughter, and fairly new marriage, Harding still remains a loyal Salon Cirae stylist who maintains balance in everything. Plus the stylists along with the clientele are almost like family. They share life’s successes and lift each other up when there is bad news. They truly like working together, and the clients even get to know each other. 


“[I love] the joy of being able to give people confidence, being creative and having passion in what I do every single day,” she says.


Salon Cirae