The Face Of Makeup

Kakki Jones


The love for making things beautiful has been a part of Kakki Jones’ life since she was a child. Whether it was taking her mother’s slips and turning them into a gown or taking a tea strainer and using it as an actual earring, Jones has always been about visual presentation. That’s why her chosen career path might have chosen her. She’s a makeup artist and wardrobe stylist by trade but is totally committed to making someone feel amazing about what they wear and the way they look. 


She turns to creating visual art as a form of release and expression which is how she approaches the face and exterior as her “canvas.” Jones starts with each individual’s assets and maximizes them. She works with her clients on making them feel confident in their own skin. 


The funny thing is, Jones has also been a major sports fanatic since childhood and played basketball all through high school and college. Athleticism came naturally, being that her dad played football for the Razorbacks. Not to mention, her mom calls the hogs every chance she gets – so it’s all totally in her DNA. 


Speaking of family, Jones is extremely close to hers. That includes the pets, of course – after all, she considers her pup her child. Get a few minutes with her and she’ll whip out photos of all of them and tell you a story or two about her niece and nephew. 


But it all comes back to her obsession with fashion and beauty. 


She says, “Beauty has no boundaries, sees no colors, knows no shapes. Beauty is be-YOU-tiful!” 


From wardrobe styling, hair and makeup artistry, to overall creative direction for individuals as well as brands, Jones can do it all. She has a passion for people and absolutely loves making them look and feel their best. 


Kakki Jones