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Centennial Bank
Keith Little


With branch locations in Arkansas, Florida, South Alabama and even New York City, Centennial Bank offers services that reach far and wide. But its headquarters, Home BancShares, Inc., are found in Conway, Arkansas. 


Just over two decades ago, Home Bancshares’ board chairman, John W. Allison, and Centennial Bank’s vice chairman, Robert H. “Bunny” Adcock, Jr., led a group of investors in the formation of Home BancShares, Inc. In 1999, they obtained a bank charter and founded First State Bank in Conway. In the mid-2000s, Home BancShares, Inc. acquired and integrated Community Bank, Bank of Mountain View and Centennial Bank.


Today, Centennial Bank provides a wide range of services including commercial and retail banking, as well as financial services for investors, individuals, municipalities and real estate developers.


Keith Little, Centennial Bank’s mortgage division president, works hard to advocate on behalf of the bank’s clients — especially those in the world of real estate and homeownership.


“Earlier this year, I, along with the Mortgage Bankers Association of Arkansas, lobbied alongside the Arkansas Homebuilders Association to pass a law that ensures affordable housing will continue to be built,” Little says. “This should continue growth in many communities across Arkansas while providing more entry-level housing opportunities.”


Bringing an air of humility and honesty to the company, Little knows the value of being able to serve homeowners in the best way possible.


“Aside from homeownership being the largest driver of household wealth in America, it’s very emotional and people tend to remember major life events based on what home they lived in at the time,” Little says.


With a team of committed individuals like Little, Centennial Bank offers clients the highest quality of service that prioritizes customers’ needs. 


Centennial Bank